In addition to our excellent medical facilities we also offer boarding for your four legged friends when you are out of town. We have large runs and spacious kennels for dogs and cat condos for our feline friends that are separated from the dogs. Dogs are hand walked three times daily (and sometimes more!!). We provide all bedding, dishes, litter, and Iams Low Residue diet.  If your pet does require medications or special diets please be sure to bring from home and we will be happy to give at no extra charge.  A charge will be applied if we have to fill prescriptions or provide a prescription food other than the kennel food. For our current patients, a courtesy boarding exam will be performed by trained technicians. Any problems found will be discussed with a veterinarian and addressed per your wishes. On new patients, a new pet exam will be performed by a staff veterinarian. One of the advantages of boarding your pet at a veterinary hospital is that veterinary attention is readily available should the need arise.