Our Services

Wilcrest Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital that provides the latest in veterinary medicine and surgery. We also offer full service dental care and have highly trained staff to perform routine dental cleanings. We have in house lab work and radiology including ultrasound that allows us to diagnose many conditions within the same day of admittance.


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We have a fully equipped surgery suite designated for sterile surgeries. We also have wet table in treatment for wound cleanings, dentals, and other non-sterile procedures that require anesthesia. Every pet undergoing surgery will have a catheter placed for intravenous support and fluids. Each pet is intubated and maintained on a safe gas anesthesia. A trained staff member will monitor anesthesia using a pulse oximeter that records ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and oxygenation of blood to ensure the safety of your pet.


There is no other problem as prevalent as oral and dental disease. Bacteria that form as plaque on the teeth enters the bloodstream with each bite and swallow. This bacteria can contribute to organ disease especially kidneys, liver, and heart. About 75-80% of cats and dogs over 2 years of age exhibit signs of periodontal disease and would benefit from a professional dental cleaning. Call today to have your pet’s teeth examined and discuss a dental cleaning.
No one likes a hospital stay; however, when your furry friend is sick we are here to help. We have comfortable kennels, full intravenous support and pumps, in house lab work and radiographs to better monitor each patient, and trained staff to care for your loved one.
We offer digital processing of radiographs for better and faster interpretation of images. Copies can also be burned to a CD or sent via the internet to specialists anywhere in the world. In addition to radiographs we also have ultrasound imaging. Combined with radiographs, the ultrasound can give us more information on what is going on inside your pet.
We have an in house laboratory that allows for quick answers for sick and hospitalized patients. We can run a CBC, full blood chemistries, and electrolytes within an hour. Heartworm, fecal, urine, and feline leukemia/FIP tests can be run within minutes.
Many of the medicines used for animals are the same for humans. However, our furry friends often require very different doses. There are also some medications that are unique to pets. With an in house pharmacy we can dispense and cut many of these medications to the right dose for you.
All pets boarding receive a bath before going home. We also offer routine and medicated baths daily Monday-Friday. All baths include a nail trim, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning.